Crossing into the Gaza Strip

First of all, ignore the terrible thumbnail Youtube chose for the video below the fold, and allow for a short break from Economics. I had initially planned on staying away from discussing the whole Israel-Palestina mess on this blog. Don’t worry, that’s not going to change anytime soon. I know only a handful of people with whom I can talk about the issue in a meaningful, non-inflammatory way, and everytime I do all I learn is that I need to learn more. During my time doing an internship in Cairo this summer, however, I met a lot of seasoned travellers of the Middle East. In one of our many late-night sessions over chai and sheesha we came to the (in retrospect rather naive) conclusion that it would be fascinating to actually try and cross into the Gaza Strip through the recently reopened Rafah border crossing. Needless to say, we never did nor seriously tried. Appearently the only foreigners allowed to cross are either aid workers or journalists. So the mistery of what the Gaza Strip actually looks like remained – until I recently stumbled upon a link on Soup (a tumblr by Reuters Social Media Editor that occasionally offers some fascinating tidbits of news and wisdom) to the following short documentary. I found it a very worthwile watch for totally non-political reasons.


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