On the bugs and features of Abenomics

Lately there’s been quite a bit of talk about how and whether the new Bank of Japan policy will succeed in pulling the country out of its self-inflicted 2-decade-long economic coma. A couple of days ago the Nikkei experienced its biggest drop since the Earthquake-Tsunami-Nuclear disaster back in 2011, falling by 7% in a single day. After rising over 70% in the 12 months before that. Big deal. Yet that’s not even really the main story here – what seems to be generally regarded as the beginning of the end, clear signs of a Ponzi scheme on top of a Ponzi scheme, is the fact that Japanese 10-year government bond yields had risen to over 1% for the first time since last year, which is supposed to be terrible news for a country with over 230% debt-to-GDP ratio. In other words, we’re all going to die! Or something like that.

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