Monthly Proposal No.9: increase taxes on fuel and invest in public transportation

Maybe this proposal seems rather overused and boring as it was already stated in several ways by several green politicians. Additionally, some maybe will judge it as naïve and economically harmful, because it could negatively affect workplaces within industries depending on fuel and similar input. Ultimately, some even will call it unfair, because in the short-term it directly affects hard working people who seemingly have no choice but to commute by car.

However, commuting by car every day just because one prefers a cheap, quiet or just habitual domicile in the periphery is not fair either. Additionally, believing that the rest of us can and will accept environmentally harmful economic activities is naïve too and making money because the government did not found a way to internalize external costs yet even is inefficient. Ultimately, that it is necessary to repeat a simple and in the long run inevitable proposal is rather sad than boring.

Of course, the extension of the public transportation system has to be provided first and it will be costly. However, ignoring the problem and hiding from politically uncomfortable and unpopular decisions will cost us all even more.